Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Costa Rica

Well, here I go again. I'm off to a far off, foreign place with the lady I work for who is perhaps the most erratic and esoteric individuals I have ever come across. But she loves to travel and so do I; the difference is, I like to have a bit of plan, she doesn’t.

So basically, we’ve got an idea of where I’ll be carting us around. (She’s a native New Yorker with no license. I got us an SUV for the muddy, potholed roads of Costa Rica.) North and south, east and west, the country is the size of West Virginia, but driving wise it’s more like traversing Texas…except the vista’s are far better, there's 26 climates, not to mention the cliff's and lack of driving laws. We want to hit up the Osa Peninsula, but it could be impassible; Margaux’s is imploring me to go to the Caribbean Coast; Monteverde, Arenal, and Manuel Antonio are all in the mix too, and let’s not forget the central highlands.

I have no true idea where the mud, rain, monkeys and macaws will take us. I’ve got all my cameras, jungle gear, and some serious deet.

Here’s to Costa Rica, and more importantly—to staying sane.

[Reader’s note: I’m going to try and blog whilst cavorting about the jungle, hoping to find some internet hotspots along the way. Stay tuned for updates.]