Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Highs and Niches

Let’s try something:

Is there a first step down a mildly trodden avenue for opportunity and success, or does it bloom from nowhere?

I’m guessing it depends on the troddener and the avenue. I think I’m slowing coming to see the notion that if one does truly put their mind to something, that something—whatever it may be—is indeed achievable.

Now, typically I’m quite frank in personal narrative and seething—or at least hoping to be—with odd, slightly morbid, lurid sarcasm. But unfortunately, what I’m dappling with needs to be kept silent before official take-off.

In other news:

I am SO far behind on my fucking Christmas Cards.

[Note: Author recognizes the ridiculous religious reference, however, he sends cards to any human being, regardless of religious preference or affiliation, thus making them Holiday Cards.]

And as much as I’m loving the winter weather (though today (12 Dec 2007) was an exception), I’m finding out more reasons to dislike radiators and multi-story buildings.

No, my building has not burned down, but it has certainly heated up; and I’m on the forth floor. And though I’ve lived with radiators before—most recently during the construction of my parents’ current home in 2003. And such becomes the case while jaunting on the second story of a late 19th Century Victorian home; it of course, was my grandparents’ home. And though it certainly had its perks—same day laundry service: Mem washed while Pep either folded or ironed, and they loved it because it kept them busy(!); fresh cookies and desserts almost daily; centralized city location (mind you I use the word city mildly: Norwich has a population of about 36,000); and a delightful transitional place to be whilst going from home to college—the radiators and their heat were ruthless.

That was an incredibly long sentence. I don’t think I mind, but I do apologize.

Anyway, the point of my radiator story is that I now have to add more water during the week to my fish’s bowl because of the dry heat. Yes, that is a mildly pathetic reason to dislike radiators, but it is perhaps a tic.

Just like tic’s up an avenue and tic’s of “city” population; they’re all just minor niches in the rotunda at large.

Somehow, sleep is always overdue.